Q. What's the total cost of the SMS when I send the keyword to the Short Code?
A. The SMS sent to the Short Code is always a Once-Off cost as per the indicated price per SMS allocated to the specific song

Q. How long does it take to receive my song I purchased through SMS sent to the Short code?
A. Your song should be delivered to your email and cell phone within seconds after you sent the SMS

Q. What guarantee do I get that the song I purchased is of the best quality?
A. We pride ourselves to only deliver products that are of the highest possible quality at the lowest prices in SA

Q. What happens if I am not satisfied with my purchase and/or the quality of the song?
A. Should the quality be below standard, we will replace the song immediately and send you any song of your choice via email, free of charge!

Q. If I send an SMS to buy, what's my guarantee that I will NOT be subscribed to some daily/weekly or monthly deductions?
A. We do NOT support or offer subscription services. As a registered WASP with WASPA you are ALWAYS charged for ONE SMS only whenever you buy a song

Q. In what format will I receive my song I purchased?
The standard format for all songs are mp.3, however we do provide songs in other formats like .avi,.mp.4, .mov, .ogg and .wav